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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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“Working with Eleonora has been a life changing experience. She is so much more than just a media Pinterest manager. She has pushed me to reconsider my whole website and thanks to her I had the courage to update and redo my Blog.
She is always thinking of ways for me improve my Social media, making me money along the way. She wants You to succeed and puts her heart and soul onto every Client she works with.
In 6 months she has grown my Pinterst Monthly views from 50,000 to over 1 Million. And keeps growing every day. I couldn’t recommend Eleonora enough, Thank you for Helping me grow my business and take it to levels I only Dreamt about!”
Sheila Director
“Ele has been extremely helpful for the past year. I used her services for my Pinterest account when I just started blogging and did not know much. She has been working on my account to improve it (she made it grow like crazy) as well as giving proper advices.
After I finished using her services she has kept in contact and was very helpful. She always gave me very precious advices. I could only recommend her services”.
Yasmina founder Children Positive (Genevra)
“I booked a consult with Ele recently and was pleasantly surprised with her skills, knowledge and professionalism. Ele has spend years building her own business on social media as well as other people’s businesses and her knowledge and passion for her work shines in everything she does.
I highly recommend Ele to anyone wanting to consult with a genuine and experienced social media expert.”
Kat – Business Owner  (Australia)
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